At RTL Equipment, when you see a brand and product for sale, you can be sure that we’ve done extensive research prior to offering it. It’s important to us that everything is up to our incredibly high standards. When we find a brand we can trust, we like to share it with you. So, let’s talk about Xtreme Forklifts.

Who is Xtreme?

Xtreme Manufacturing got its start in 2003, after owner, Don Ahern, decided he was tired of searching for and being unimpressed with rough terrain telescopic reach forklifts (telehandlers) elsewhere. His feelings (and we agree) are that construction equipment should be reliable, because that directly relates to its lifespan and reduced cost of ownership. Xtreme has gone from a brand offering a handful of telehandler forklift models to boasting the biggest product line in North America.

With a name like “Xtreme,” it makes sense that these aren’t your average forklifts. These span from the XR5919 Compact Boom with a 5,900 pound capacity with a lift height of 19 feet, forward reach of 11 feet, and a 74 horsepower Tier IV final engine to the XR7038 Ultra Xtreme Capacity Roller Boom, which has a 70,000 pound capacity, 38 foot lift height, 22 foot forward reach, and 300 horsepower Tier IV engine. There are a number of options in between these innovative forklifts and we can’t choose our favorite.

Compact Boom

Construction projects in tight spaces that require a powerful, durable forklift are where the Xtreme XR 5919 Compact Boom shines. With its 360 degree operator visibility and large capacity fuel tank, the Compact Boom is also great when used as a support machine for larger forklifts and telehandlers. We also like the cab options, since it can be open, enclosed with heat, and enclosed with heat and air conditioning. Just because your crew is in a small space doesn’t mean they have to suffer the elements.

High Pivot Roller Boom

The High Pivot Roller Boom forklift comes in several different capacities. The XR842 has a capacity weight of 8,000 pounds and a 42 foot lift height. Its trunnion mount sway cylinders allow for increased load capacity and its rear axle stabilization adds to the safety of the forklift. The XR1270 balances capacity, reach, and height with impressive maneuverability. A 12,000 pound capacity, 70 foot lift height, 53’10” forward reach, and 134 horsepower Tier IV engine is just the beginning. Plus, these forklifts are remarkably easy to service, thanks to the easy access to its components.

High Capacity Roller

Xtereme’s line of high capacity roller booms include four models, ranging from a 15,000 pound capacity and a 34 foot lift height to a 20,000 pound capacity and a 45 foot lift height. These forklifts include heavy duty boom chains, offering extra strength to the most daunting construction jobs. Each of these comes with attachment options such as pole grapples up to 96 inches with shoe, sling mounts, and buckets up to 1.65 cubic yards large.

Ultra High Capacity Roller Boom

All of their Rough Terrain Telescopic Reach Forklifts come with a boom lift point. With two strong options in their Ultra High Capacity Roller Boom forklift line, Xtreme gives us several options. Both have 173 horsepower Tier IV engines, but one features a 24,000 pound capacity and the other a 30,000 pound capacity.  With a smooth boom extension and retraction, these forklifts are impressively easy to handle.

Xtreme Capacity Roller Boom

The XR4030 is capable of lifting 40,000 pounds, which, coupled with its 30 foot lift height and 16+ foot forward reach, makes it one of the most impressive forklifts we’ve seen. A weight load like that is perfect for construction work in mining, oil, and gas segments. There’s safety in its 360 degree operator visibility, as well. Plus, the solid steel plate chassis and rear axle stabilization add to those safety features.

Ultra Xtreme Capacity Roller Boom

We would describe the XR70138 as the ultimate warrior. With a load capacity of 70,000 pounds, this is the largest capacity telehandler on the continent. This forklift has won multiple awards, including the Lift and Access’ Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Aerial Platforms (LLEAP) award for “Most Innovative New Product” in its category in 2014 as well as at the Access, Lift & Handlers North American Conference & Awards in the “Product Innovation – Telehandlers” category. This is the largest rough terrain telehandler in North America and it never fails to blow us away.

As you can see, there are many reasons we’re proud to offer Xtreme’s line of forklifts. We know that every job is different and when it comes to forklifts, size matters. Whether you need something compact to fit into a construction site without much room to move or the biggest, toughest forklift in North America, Xtreme has you covered. At RTL Equipment, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers, so when we find another company that goes to those same extremes for theirs, we want to share. You can find Xtreme forklifts for sale in our Fork/Boom/Scissor Lift category. If you’re looking for something specific, but don’t see it on our page, contact us, because it may be on its way.