At RTL Equipment, we enjoy taking time to review some of our machines and give all of you an in-depth look about some of the inventory that we carry. We do extensive research before purchasing our equipment because we aim to provide the highest quality machinery available to our customers. Today we will be talking about one our favorite and most trusted brands for all types of cranes: Terex.

rtl equipment terex crane blogWho is Terex?

Terex is one of the most recognized large machinery businesses in the entire world with an extensive history. Originally founded in 1933 as the Euclid Company, Terex has built some of the world’s largest machinery, battled through recessions, and has emerged as a global leader in the industry. They have acquired a variety of businesses in different markets over the years but maintain their goal of building state-of-the-art cranes.

Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are mobile cranes that move on top of crawler tracks and are generally equipped with a lattice boom which allows it to pull up and down heavy items. We carry a variety of crawler cranes made by Terex that cover a wide range of capabilities. Our latest Terex crawler crane, the HC165 (pictured above), is a 2017 model and has a weight capacity of up to 165 tons. On top of that, it is equipped with a Cummins QSC8.3 Engine that produces 310 horsepower. Topped off with a comfortable interior with a 3600 viewing range, this machine will get the job done for you efficiently.terex crane blog rtl equipment

Truck Cranes

Truck cranes are mobile hydraulic cranes that are able of lifting thousands of pounds. They are convenient in the fact that a truck crane doesn’t need special towing equipment since it can drive itself to a work site. The T340-1XL model boasts a 105’ boom that is capable of carrying up to 40 tons. It’s equipped with a 11,000 lb. counterweight and massive radial tires give it a solid base to carry heavy amounts of weight.

rtl equipment featured machine blog terex crane

Rough Terrain Cranes

When it comes to rough terrain cranes, Terex is one of the most trusted brands. These cranes are equipped with colossal tires that are designed to power through any heavy terrain that would hold back most mobile cranes.With currently over 16 separate makes and models, there is a large variety to choose from depending on the job you are looking for. The capacity can be as low as the RT555-1 model at 55 tons or as monstrous as the RT130 which has a weight capability of 130 tons.

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