As technology keeps advancing, it’s important that construction companies stay ahead of the game. One of our most trusted brands, Tadano, has implemented a new technology that will modify the way construction companies operate more efficiently. This satellite-based service, called Hello-Net, is setting the stage for a new future of machine operation among construction sites.

What is Hello-Net?

One of the biggest concerns project managers face for every construction project is staying on budget. Between labor hours, supplies, machines, and gas usage; costs start to add up quickly. This pain point is exactly what Hello-Net is looking to resolve when Tadano cranes are used on job sites. Hello-Net is a telematics tool that connects crane data with owners and service staff, giving them a variety of information stored on a secure server. Data such as the machine’s work history, idle time, maintenance information, GPS location, and more are all available on a work PC and mobile device. Hello-Net goes one step further and even shares the actions that need to be taken. Although Hello-Net is optimized for Tadano cranes, other makes can be manually programmed.

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Boost Profits on Construction Jobs

Because users can utilize Hello-Net to remotely access operational data, like how long a crane has been operating at one location, analyzing efficiency becomes much easier. Fuel consumption can be monitored, work history can be exported for further review, and work history can be downloaded so clients can see how the machines are being used. Plus, the ability to see potential problem areas before they occur allows for preventative maintenance to take place more regularly. Also, as rare as it is, theft does happen. When a crane using Hello-Net is stolen or lost, the GPS terminal can be activated and the machine’s location is pinpointed. This can mean less downtime, an increase in profits, and the ability to protect assets.

Tadano Rough Terrain Cranes

As mentioned above, Hello-Net was developed for Tadano Cranes. At RTL Equipment, we carry a variety of Tadano’s rough terrain cranes. As a leader in the development and distribution of rough terrain cranes, Tadano is trusted around the world and that’s why we support the purchase and rental of them for your construction project. Their GR1000XL model is capable of lifting 100 tons and has a maximum lift height of 212’. Equipped with a Cummins QSB 6.7 engine and 29.5 x 29 tires, this machine is perfect for any large scale project. If you don’t need a machine of that caliber, there’s the GR-550XL-3 model with a max lift weight of 55 tons and a lift height of 165’.

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