At RTL Equipment, we spend extensive hours researching our construction equipment and parts before providing them to our customers. We believe that relaying the knowledge of our equipment helps build trust and understanding between all parties. Today we will be talking about a hallmark name in excavator and wheel loader production: Doosan Equipment.

2015 Doosan Hydraulic Excavator DX350LC-5

Who is Doosan Equipment?

A construction equipment company that started it’s equipment manufacturing back in 1977, Doosan Equipment specializes in wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators. However, their product line stretches beyond just these two categories. Doosan is a company that RTL Equipment has trusted for years now. One reason that we sell and rent the products that Doosan has to offer is that they have a diverse portfolio to offer. No matter how big or small your project may be, they have something available for it. So, what are some of their machines that we trust?

Wheel Loaders

When construction sites need resources such as dirt, gravel, and sand moved around, wheel loaders are the perfect machine for the job. Their large buckets are designed to scoop and carry materials to wherever they are needed. Issues that many companies face when designing a good wheel loader is making sure that it has a high weight capacity, heavy amount of torque, and superior lift height with the bucket. Doosan’s DL300-5 is one of the larger models that has a 4.2 cubic yard bucket and is equipped with a Scania DC9 engine. If you are looking for a smaller wheel loader, the DL200 is mounted with a 2.5 cubic yard bucket and a Doosan Tier III engine. If you need a wheel loader for your next construction project, contact RTL Equipment today.

Hydraulic Excavators

Hydraulic excavators (also referred to as crawler excavators) are heavily relied on for projects that involve mining, excavation, scrap handling, and highway construction. Their long boom arm with a bucket at the end is perfect for digging and scooping up things in an efficient manner. Much like any other construction machinery, excavators come in a variety of weight capacities depending on the job that’s at hand. For large, commercial grade projects, Doosan offer the DX350LC-5 equipped with 31” shoes and a 10’ 6” stick. Strapped under the hood is a powerful Scania Tier-4 engine that will provide the power for any project. For smaller projects, options like the DX140LCR-3 and the DX140LCR-5 are the perfect choice. With chassis’s roughly ⅔ the size and a weight capacity maxing out at 37,400 lbs., they are amazing for smaller jobs.

RTL Equipment Your Doosan Equipment Dealer

We currently have a large line of Doosan products available. If you looking for any of the Doosan machines we did or did not mention, visit our website to see our equipment roster. We also carry a large selection of other brands and machines. Whether you need forklifts, scissor lifts, crawler cranes, or a screen plant; we provide all of it and more. RTL Equipment is your Iowa and midwest construction equipment dealer. Call us today for a quote!