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Despite the recent tragedies that have struck Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, there are still some amazing things happening down in the Lone Star State. The city of Corpus Christi, one of the cities hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey, had a massive project in motion before the storm made landfall. The construction of the new US 181 Harbor Bridge is a project that has been in the works for years. Despite the damage that the city has received from the storm, workers are already back on the job to stick to their timeline. We would like to share the details of the massive project and how RTL Equipment has been able to help work towards its completion.

Harbor Bridge Project

The construction of this massive new bridge, called the Harbor Bridge Project, is set to be a masterpiece by the time it is finished. The specs of this bridge are absolutely mind-boggling. To start, the length of this bridge is expected to stretch 2.4 miles, making it the longest cable-stayed bridge in the United States. Upon its completion, it will be the tallest structure in southern Texas. The US 181 Harbor Bridge is expected to be in operation for 170 years due to its concrete structure and corrosion resistant material. It’s safe to say that this project has people around Texas excited for its projected completion in the late Spring of 2020. So, how was RTL Equipment able to help out?

RTL Equipment Kobelco Crane

One of the contractors heading this project is A.H. Beck, out of San Antonio, Texas. When the details of this project were finalized, they called us at RTL Equipment in search of a crawler crane that could tackle a project this massive. We sent down a Kobelco CK2750G Lattice Crawler Crane to assist with their construction needs. This crane has a 200’ boom and has a lifting capacity of 275 tons, attached with a 100 ton counterweight. One of Kobelco’s largest crawler cranes, the CK2750G is sure to help A.H. Beck complete this bridge on time.

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