As one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources, wind has caught the attention of business owners who are ready to save on energy costs as well as make a greater commitment to protecting the environment by using cleaner energy. Up to 30% of the world’s electricity can be generated from wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) power without creating carbon emissions.

rtl equipment cranes rented for wind farm

Infrastructure & Energy Alternatives (IEA)

The innovation at IEA Construction is matched only by their commitment to the planet. As one of the largest wind farm contractors in existence, they’ve wind power projects in three provinces and thirty-two states. Their team takes care of the entire process, from handling the initial site analysis and final layout of the wind turbines to infrastructure construction and connection to the grid in the end. Because their team does this all in-house, it allows them to get a greater view of the process, allowing them to uncover and address any potential issues, making the project more efficient in the end.

rtl equipment terex rt100 rented wind farm machine

RTL Equipment Rents Crane to IEA

We’re pleased that IEA Construction  is currently renting a Terex RT-100 from us. The RT-100 is a powerhouse, with a main boom length of 174 feet (53 meters) and maximum boom length of just over 223 feet (68 meters). With its exceptional maneuverability and hydraulics, the RT-100 can navigate wind lay-down yards with ease. Plus, its serviceability makes it ideal for use in wind farm construction, when the operators will likely be miles away from a town. The boom wear pads are easily adjusted and their replacement is simple, because the boom doesn’t need to be taken apart to do so. Plus, the majority of the fluid levels can be checked at ground level.

terex rt100 rented to iea construction rtl equipment

Wind Energy and RTL Equipment

RTL Equipment has been involved in the wind energy sector for years, offering cranes that help with the transport, assembly, and the erection of wind turbines. These cranes can be purchased or rented, depending on your project’s needs and budget. From rough terrain cranes to crawler cranes, our line of construction equipment can certainly meet your needs. If we don’t currently have a machine you need, we’ll work with you to find it. Learn more about our wind division and feel free to contact us, so we can help you get to work.