A division of Kobe Steel and based in Houston, Texas, Kobelco Construction Machinery USA, LLC (KCMU) began manufacturing excavators in 1930. The very first short rear swing excavator was invented by Kobelco to allow  work to continue even in areas without much room to move around. This is the kind of innovation they’ve become known for, and they continue to forge new designs that make completing construction jobs easier.

Creating the Kobelco Crane Division

In 2003, Kobelco launched their crane division, which now heavily focuses on crawler cranes. Today, KCMU acts as the distribution point for Kobelco’s Lattice Boom Crawler Crane products in the western hemisphere. Now with seven models available, between 85 and 600 tons, Kobelco cranes are a leader in the crane industry, thanks to their commitment to pushing past industry standards to create stronger, more intelligent machines.

Getting to Know the Kobelco G-Series Cranes

As a leader in hydraulic lattice-boom crawler crane manufacturing, Kobelco is constantly working on improvements in both the functions, energy saving features, and ease-of-use. The line of cranes includes seven different machines that have been re-designed in nearly every way. Engines and hydraulics have improved, energy conservation has increased, and maintenance has been simplified.

Saving Energy with G-Mode

Pairing power with energy conservation has been a priority for Kobelco and G-Mode is in place to do just that. An element included in G-Mode is the energy saving winch control system. By conserving energy, maximum speed can be reached even when in low idle. Additionally, with the Auto Idle Stop feature, the engine is halted whenever the crane is stopped, also helping to minimize fuel consumption.

Cab Space in the G-Series Cranes

The newly re-designed G-Series cranes keep the operator in mind. Cab space has increased to 109.5’ from 77.34’ and each is fully enclosed. The wider door makes it much easier for operators to enter and exit, while more leg room enhances comfort. In addition, views from the G-Series cabs have gotten wider (from 10.8’ to 11.7’), boosting the efficiency and safety of the jobsite.

G-Series Upper Machinery

Upper frames of machines in the G-Series are built with all-welded alloy steel, CAD designed intelligently for the most durability and strength. The dependable wet-type disc brake system allows for quieter operation. It also uses forced oil circulation, which helps to keep the brake temperatures cool even when used for long periods. Because the system is completely sealed, its service life is extended. Again, the operator was thought of, and the brake pedal was moved lower to help cut down on fatigue when in free-fall mode.

G-Series Lower Machinery

High-tensile strength steel that’s completely welded yields stronger machines. Hydraulic travel motors that are driven independently and that include planetary reducers have

 three steering modes, which help operators more easily maneuver the machine even over rough terrain. An independent crawler drive allows for differential track speed steering and track counter-rotation for even more control.

Load Moment Indicator (LMI) Monitor

This 12” touch panel screen includes a screen protector and sunshade, allowing the crane operator to see necessary data even when the sun is beaming down. By introducing universal pictograms, the LMI helps operators work more efficiently. Important information shared includes wind speed, engine speed, over-swing prevention device, and hook height.


G-Series Hydraulic System

Improving the hydraulic system was imperative, as the system controls every single operation of the crane, from boom and load hoist to crawler frame installation and removal. Depending on what the job calls for, the hydraulic circuit can be a single pump or dual pump flow. The operator may choose to switch between the two as needed.

Overall Crane Maintenance

If you’re sensing a pattern here, it’s that Kobelco has simplified as much as possible. This includes maintenance. The longer your crane is in operation, the faster your job is completed and the less money you’re wasting on diagnostics and repairs.  

Crane Rentals and Sales

When looking for a crane to purchase or rent, it’s important that the dealer you choose is able to answer any questions you may have and be available for service when necessary. Our professionally trained sales and service staff can help you choose the right machine for the job and keep it running smoothly for the duration. Contact us today to get started.