Anyone who purchases construction equipment knows that cranes are an expensive investment. Whether large or small, companies and contractors have to logistically think about their financing options when purchasing equipment. Getting familiar with the advantages of the Section 179 benefits that are associated with the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH Act) can save you hundreds of thousand of dollars. So, what does this bonus depreciation do and how can it be applied to you?

Section 179 Construction Equipment Deals

For the year 2017, the deduction limit for new equipment is $510,000. This means that a company can deduct the full costs of qualifying new equipment from their 2017 taxes, up to $510,000. Phaseout for the deduction starts at $2.03 million in equipment purchases and is matched dollar-for-dollar. If you plan on taking advantage of these Section 179 benefits, you will need to have your equipment bought and in service no later than December 31st, 2017.

Bonus Depreciation

Another benefit to take advantage of is the bonus depreciation of the qualifying equipment. Under the Section 179 benefits, new or used equipment that is purchased and serviced in 2017 will be depreciated up to 50% of its original cost. The bonus depreciation is now extended through 2019, with it phasing out at 40% through all of 2018 and 30% throughout 2019.

RTL Equipment Cranes

There is never a better time to take advantage of the Section 179 tax benefits as the 2017 year wraps up. With the strong possibility of corporate tax rates being reduced by up to 15% in coming years, it should be everyone’s goal to reduce taxable income in 2017 by as much as they can. We have a variety of new and used cranes from Terex, Kobelco, Manitowoc, Liebherr, and others. Whether you need crawler cranes, truck cranes, wheel loaders, or other types of equipment, we are your trusted Midwest construction equipment dealer. If you are ever having any issues or questions about our equipment, feel free to contact our service team for details!

At RTL Equipment, we take pride in being able to provide many options to customers who need equipment to get the job done. The majority of the clients we work with understand what all of our equipment does, how it works, and how it can benefit their next project. However, we carry an ever-changing inventory that is constantly rotating out old and new construction equipment and parts all of the time. Here is a guide to some our more popular equipment and brands that we commonly carry.

RTL Equipment in Grimes and Swisher Iowa

Crawler Cranes

Crawler Cranes are mobile cranes equipped with a lattice boom for lifting objects. One of the benefits about them is that they are highly mobile and (depending on the model) can carry upwards of 275 tons. At RTL Equipment, we are a certified dealer for all Terex and Kobelco crawler cranes and carry many makes and models. We also have other used brands such as Liebherr and Manitowoc for sale or rent.

Truck Cranes / All Terrain Cranes

Truck cranes are mobile cranes that are equipped with their own set of wheels for improved mobility on and off the construction site. These machines are frequently used in massive building projects such as bridges, roadways, and airports. RTL Equipment currently carries Terex truck cranes and is a certified dealer.

Forklifts, Scissor Lifts, and Boom Lifts

Most likely, our customers are familiar with the uses of these machines. Sometimes referred to as Aerial Work Platforms, these machines are useful for easily moving workers up and down large heights at any worksite. General uses are for smaller construction projects and reaching overhead lines for telecommunication services. RTL Equipment carries brands such as JLG, Genie, Lull, and Xtreme.

Hydraulic Excavators

You can find hydraulic excavators on almost any construction site. Equipped with large shoes and a GP bucket, these machines are the perfect machines for breaking rock, crushing metal, scooping dirt, drilling holes, and laying gravel. RTL Equipment is a certified Doosan dealer for hydraulic excavators. However, we also have used Bobcat and Deere excavators for rent and sale.

Rough Terrain Crane

Much like crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes are mobile cranes that are equipped with a boom. However, instead of using treaded tracks, they have massive rubber tires that are capable of taking them through much rougher terrain. RTL Equipment is a certified dealer for Terex and Tadano rough terrain cranes. We also have Grove rough terrain cranes for sale and rent at RTL Equipment.

RTL Equipment – Midwest Construction Equipment Dealer

Listed above is just some of the equipment that we carry. We also carry wheel loaders, paving machinery, and of all sorts of equipment parts. If you or someone you know is in need of quality construction equipment for their next construction project, contact RTL Equipment. Our staff works around the clock to make sure that your needs are met for a successful project.

Kobe;cp Cranes from RTL Equipment

Despite the recent tragedies that have struck Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, there are still some amazing things happening down in the Lone Star State. The city of Corpus Christi, one of the cities hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey, had a massive project in motion before the storm made landfall. The construction of the new US 181 Harbor Bridge is a project that has been in the works for years. Despite the damage that the city has received from the storm, workers are already back on the job to stick to their timeline. We would like to share the details of the massive project and how RTL Equipment has been able to help work towards its completion.

Harbor Bridge Project

The construction of this massive new bridge, called the Harbor Bridge Project, is set to be a masterpiece by the time it is finished. The specs of this bridge are absolutely mind-boggling. To start, the length of this bridge is expected to stretch 2.4 miles, making it the longest cable-stayed bridge in the United States. Upon its completion, it will be the tallest structure in southern Texas. The US 181 Harbor Bridge is expected to be in operation for 170 years due to its concrete structure and corrosion resistant material. It’s safe to say that this project has people around Texas excited for its projected completion in the late Spring of 2020. So, how was RTL Equipment able to help out?

RTL Equipment Kobelco Crane

One of the contractors heading this project is A.H. Beck, out of San Antonio, Texas. When the details of this project were finalized, they called us at RTL Equipment in search of a crawler crane that could tackle a project this massive. We sent down a Kobelco CK2750G Lattice Crawler Crane to assist with their construction needs. This crane has a 200’ boom and has a lifting capacity of 275 tons, attached with a 100 ton counterweight. One of Kobelco’s largest crawler cranes, the CK2750G is sure to help A.H. Beck complete this bridge on time.

RTL Equipment – Midwest Construction Equipment For Sale

If you are looking for construction equipment, construction equipment parts, or crane service, RTL Equipment is your go-to dealer for Iowa and the Midwest. We have locations in Grimes and Swisher. Contact us today if you are looking for the best construction project equipment!

At RTL Equipment, we spend extensive hours researching our construction equipment and parts before providing them to our customers. We believe that relaying the knowledge of our equipment helps build trust and understanding between all parties. Today we will be talking about a hallmark name in excavator and wheel loader production: Doosan Equipment.

2015 Doosan Hydraulic Excavator DX350LC-5

Who is Doosan Equipment?

A construction equipment company that started it’s equipment manufacturing back in 1977, Doosan Equipment specializes in wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators. However, their product line stretches beyond just these two categories. Doosan is a company that RTL Equipment has trusted for years now. One reason that we sell and rent the products that Doosan has to offer is that they have a diverse portfolio to offer. No matter how big or small your project may be, they have something available for it. So, what are some of their machines that we trust?

Wheel Loaders

When construction sites need resources such as dirt, gravel, and sand moved around, wheel loaders are the perfect machine for the job. Their large buckets are designed to scoop and carry materials to wherever they are needed. Issues that many companies face when designing a good wheel loader is making sure that it has a high weight capacity, heavy amount of torque, and superior lift height with the bucket. Doosan’s DL300-5 is one of the larger models that has a 4.2 cubic yard bucket and is equipped with a Scania DC9 engine. If you are looking for a smaller wheel loader, the DL200 is mounted with a 2.5 cubic yard bucket and a Doosan Tier III engine. If you need a wheel loader for your next construction project, contact RTL Equipment today.

Hydraulic Excavators

Hydraulic excavators (also referred to as crawler excavators) are heavily relied on for projects that involve mining, excavation, scrap handling, and highway construction. Their long boom arm with a bucket at the end is perfect for digging and scooping up things in an efficient manner. Much like any other construction machinery, excavators come in a variety of weight capacities depending on the job that’s at hand. For large, commercial grade projects, Doosan offer the DX350LC-5 equipped with 31” shoes and a 10’ 6” stick. Strapped under the hood is a powerful Scania Tier-4 engine that will provide the power for any project. For smaller projects, options like the DX140LCR-3 and the DX140LCR-5 are the perfect choice. With chassis’s roughly ⅔ the size and a weight capacity maxing out at 37,400 lbs., they are amazing for smaller jobs.

RTL Equipment Your Doosan Equipment Dealer

We currently have a large line of Doosan products available. If you looking for any of the Doosan machines we did or did not mention, visit our website to see our equipment roster. We also carry a large selection of other brands and machines. Whether you need forklifts, scissor lifts, crawler cranes, or a screen plant; we provide all of it and more. RTL Equipment is your Iowa and midwest construction equipment dealer. Call us today for a quote!

Iowa-based bridge construction company, A.M. Cohron of Atlantic, Iowa, pulled off an amazing bridge teardown and rebuild job earlier this month. The bridge, located in West Des Moines, had been built in the 1940s and was due for a replacement. With little information available about the specs of the bridge, they set out to remove the bridge and construct a new one without disrupting train schedules.

Logistics Behind the Installation

For A.M. Cohron to successfully achieve their goal, they had to teardown the old bridge and erect the new bridge all within a 12-hour window. Due to the time constraint, they spent weeks in advance building the new bridge only 500 feet from the existing one. When the new 114-foot bridge was fully assembled, they got to work. They started the day at 6:30 am by carefully removing the old bridge which took until about 8:30 am. They then spent until about 3:00 pm prepping the foundation for the new bridge by drilling anchor bolt holes and installing concrete riser blocks. The new bridge was finally set upon its foundation at 5:00 pm and was fully complete for functional use by 9:00 pm.

RTL Equipment Construction Cranes Used

To complete this impressive job, A.M. Cohron needed some heavy crane rentals to make sure that the old bridge and new bridge could be lifted without issues. RTL Equipment was more than happy to rent our Iowa associates two crawler cranes to complete the job. They used a Kobelco CK1600G Lattice Boom Crawler Crane and a Terex HC275 Lattice Boom Crawler Crane to complete the tasks. Current A.M. Cohron’s Chairman, Keith Harlan, stated, “It was the largest two-crane pick up our company has done, with some pretty large cranes.” RTL Equipment is honored to be able to have helped with this successful and quick operation while supporting another Iowa company.

Heavy Equipment Rentals

If you or somebody you know is looking for construction equipment rentals for a future construction job, contact RTL Equipment today to see how we can help you complete your goal. We have equipment from scissor lifts, wheel loaders, crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes, and many more machines available. If you already have machinery but are looking for parts, our Parts Division team carries a wide variety of specialty parts for the lines that we represent.

Information on the bridge installation provided by Midwest Contractor.