Wind Farm Construction Equipment

With the renewable energy industry continuing to grow, construction contractors are in need of the proper equipment to haul, assemble, and hoist wind turbines. RTL Equipment works with numerous contractors throughout the Midwest and United States to provide rough terrain (capable of hauling up to 160 tons) and crawler cranes (capable of hauling up to 660 tons) for the construction of wind farms.

Lay-Down Yards

Before wind turbines can be erected, contractors often need a place to safely store them, along with their components. Lay-down yards are becoming a critical feature in the construction of wind turbines for multiple reasons. These yards typically offer round-the-clock security, so contractors and owners don’t have to worry about their property being stolen. They’re often near shipping ports or highways, making transportation easier. Lay-down yards also offer enough room for the wind turbines to be organized. RTL Equipment offers 100-ton Mantis crawler hydraulic cranes to effectively and efficiently work in lay-down yards.

Machine Maintenance

One of the major advantages of working with RTL Equipment is our willingness to react to the ever changing emergency needs of the contractors we work with. Machines break down all of the time, but does your equipment provider react as though they really care? At RTL Equipment we don’t rest until the contractors’ needs are taken care of. With our favorable location in the Midwest, we offer quick mobilization throughout the United States and Canada.


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Ben Steege

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Wind Division
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David Kutcher


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